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Just when you think there couldn’t be an improvement on a classic kitchen gadget such as a potato ricer, along comes Kuhn Rikon of Switzerland with a new look, design and perfectly balanced new potato ricer!

The style of potato ricer I’ve had for years is all metal and has only one size of holes through which to “rice” cooked potatoes.  Now I can send it off to the re-cycle bin!  It never really worked all that well and even started to rust so Kuhn  Rikon came to my rescue at the right time!

This ergonomically designed potato ricer has a 1.5 cup size hopper which can hold one large or two medium sized potatoes.  The designers cleverly added a pull-out clip to the front of the ricer allowing it to rest on the rim of a pot or bowl.

Another great feature is that the Kuhn Rikon Potato Ricer comes with two stainless steel disks; one with larger holes for mashed foods (not just potatoes – think cooked squash) and one disk with smaller holes for more of a puréed texture.  One disk remains in the screw-on collar and the extra disk is stored in the built-in compartment at the top of the ricer so you’ll never lose it.

New mothers take note:  this potato ricer is ideal for making lump-free homemade baby foods!

It’s all dishwasher safe, but even if you don’t have one, hand washing is as easy as it gets.  The Ricer is available in white or black with a suggested retail price of $20.00.  It is available at specialty and online retailers nationwide, like Amazon, see below.  For whatever reason, Amazon and Sur La Table stores only sell it in white for now.

Here are some photos I took making mashed potatoes:

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