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I’ve been using premium European produced butters for many years, mainly due to their superior quality and taste.  I thought I had been buying the best tasting butter…that is until Kerrygold, with its higher fat content and distinctive richness came to my attention.

Just one taste and you’ll know what I mean when I say that Kerrygold butter is simply delicious.   The smooth rich and creamy texture, combined with the fresh clean taste (no hormones or preservatives and only natural farming methods and established processes are used to make Kerrygold butter and cheese) is so delightful on the tongue….imagine this gem of a butter spread on a healthy whole grain slice of toast – you’ll never want to eat any other butter again – I’m sure!

No surprise to learn that the cows roam free and are entirely grass fed year-round due to Ireland’s long grass-growing season.  Their summer milk is especially high in Beta-Carotene which gives Kerrygold dairy products their distinctive golden color and flavor definition. 

The butter is available in salted and unsalted versions as well as a new Garlic and Herb variety.  The outstanding taste of the salted butter (gold paper packaging) has the perfect amount of salt added – and the unsalted variety (distinguished by the silver wrapping) ideal for all baking that require butter will give your baked goods the most superior taste.

The brand name Kerrygold is an international brand of the Irish Dairy Board.  A vast number of small local Irish farmers that meet Kerrygold’s exacting standards work as a cooperative and the milk they provide collectively is used to make the Kerrygold butter and cheese products.  Even as Kerrygold’s global market share continues to expand and their dairy products are now in more than 80 countries with sales approaching $2 billion, Kerrygold continues to adhere to a small farm approach and maintains its exacting standards.

Editor’s Note:   Some supermarkets display Kerrygold butter and cheese products in a different area from the standard butter and cheese products.  If you don’t see Kerrygold butter and cheese displayed in your supermarket or specialty store dairy case, be sure to check with the manager as Kerrygold products may be in a different refrigerated area.

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