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La Tienda

La Tienda was founded in the earliest days of the Internet. It has steadily grown with over 700 items to choose from. They have the broadest selection of quality Spanish food and related products online.

Specialty food shops in New York will sell it but for most people who want the true delicious taste of real chorizo sausage, all you have to do is click on the chorizo link below. Be sure to browse the entire website to see all of the wonderful products from Spain they have to sell.

Here are a few of my favorite products:

Jámon Paella Pans Chorizo

I first tasted Palacios chorizo when I received a package that my sister had sent to me - from  The taste of this brand of chorizo is unlike any other.  You can forget our domestic brands of chorizo .... there is no comparison to the full flavored garlic and paprika sausages from Spain.

One of my favorite ways to serve the Palacios chorizo from Spain is to simply thinly slice, then sauté  with thinly sliced onion and chopped cilantro.  No need for additional oil as the sliced chorizo will render some of its own fat and flavor and color the onions.  Serve the chorizo and onions as a tapas - along with thin slices of a baguette.  The perfect tapas with cocktails.

My favorite Paella recipe is Paella Valenciana  from Penelope Casas' cook book "The Food and Wines of Spain".  By using a quality ingredient such as Palacios chorizo, this perfect recipe makes the dish that much more authentic in taste.  This is truly an example of the difference it makes when you use quality ingredients to cook with.




Kitchenware  Food Products