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History of All-Clad Metalcrafters, LLC

All-Clad Metalcrafters LLC was first established in 1973 when its premier line of cookware featuring a unique metal bonding process made them the only American cookware company to manufacture a complete line of cookware from raw materials produced in its own rolling mill.

Company founder, John B. Ulam was a metallurgist who discovered that by using heat and pressure he could permanently bond together three different metals. Ulam patented the roll-bonding process, and began to stamp out disks of the bonded metals.

The first disks were a layer of stainless steel for the cooking surface, an aluminum core featuring three separate layers, and an outer layer of brushed aluminum.  These disks went into a hydroform press and were physically formed into a cooking utensil - the original MASTER CHEF cookware line. The benefit of Ulam's invention to the consumer boiled down to this:  Unlike the competition, which used an aluminum sandwich only in the bottom of a pan, All-Clad's heat-conducting aluminum core went all the way up the sides of the cookware. This eliminated uneven heating, which causes burning and scorching of foods as they are cooked.

Additional features that distinguish All-Clad cookware from all others include handles that are ergonomically designed, well-balanced and stay cool. Furthermore, each handle is attached with stainless steel rivets so it will never loosen from the pan. The complete line of cookware that All-Clad manufacturers features an easy-to-clean 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface that does not react with acidic foods and a thick core of aluminum (or in the case of the Cooper Core line, the core is Copper) that distributes heat evenly. 

Based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, All-Clad Metalcrafters offers their quality cookware lines at major department and specialty stores nationwide.  All-Clad kitchen tools and other kitchen accessories are also available.  For more information, visit or call 1-800-ALL-CLAD.  In 2004, Groupe SEB (Société d'Emboutissage de Bourgogne) a large consortium that produces small appliances acquired All-Clad.  For more information about Groupe SEB go to

About The Cookware

When purchasing All-Clad cookware, keep in mind that there are five different exterior finishes to the All-Clad line of cookware and that retailers may not sell all five styles so check with the store before you go to shop at to be sure they have the style you want:

Stainless®: Gleaming 18/0 magnetic stainless steel exterior - perfect for induction cook tops (more info below on both induction & definitions of 18/0 and 18/10 stainless steel)

Brushed Aluminum MC²: updated from the original Master Chef industrial styling of brushed aluminum alloy exterior

LTD: Black hard-coat anodized aluminum exterior

Cop-R-Chef: A rich, exquisite copper exterior

Copper Core: exterior of gleaming stainless steel with a "cut-away" design band exposing the copper core.

With so many different pots and pans on the market, it can be difficult for even a seasoned cook (no pun intended) to choose wisely. But have no fear, All-Clad is here.  Whether you are just starting to discover your culinary talents and the exciting and fulfilling aspects of cooking delicious foods - or you've been standing over a hot stove for decades, I can assure you this will be the finest assortment of pots and pans that you will ever cook with.

Ann's Cleaning Tips:  A cleanser called "Bar Keepers Friend" is great for keeping your All-Clad cookware looking like new, whichever exterior finish you choose.  Ever wonder about the "rainbow" of colors that appears on the inside of your stainless steel cookware and no amount of scrubbing can remove? Well, Bar Keepers Friend takes away those purple/blue-ish stains.  Or, you can pour a capful or two of white vinegar on a dry pan and you'll see those purple/blue-ish stains disappear!  The discoloration appears on stainless steel when it is exposed to very high heat but in no way diminishes the 18/10 stainless steel quality.

You may wish to use a cleanser specifically for cleaning copper if you own the Cop-R-Chef exterior. Just use a non-abrasive sponge along with any powdered cleanser or soap that you use on the highly polished stainless exterior.  For any stubborn areas of food cooked to the 18/10 stainless steel interior layer or on the bottom of the pans  or around the stainless rivets, you can use a fine steel wool pad - but simply soaking the pan in hot water and dish soap and using a non-abrasive sponge should loosen any stuck on bits of food easily.  The 18/10 stainless lids on all styles of All-Clad cookware clean  beautifully in the dishwasher.


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All-Clad Stainless 14 piece set is the ideal group bridal gift or the ultimate gift  for yourself if you've finally decided to throw out all of your old pots and pans and start cooking with THE essential equipment a home cooking enthusiast (or professional) will need:  This gorgeous set includes:

One each 10 and 12-inch fry pans, one each 2 and 3 qt. sauce pans with lids, one each 3 and 6 qt. sauté pans with lids, a 12-inch Chef's pan with lid, and an 8 qt. stock pot with lid.  Retail: $1000

For home cooks and professionals  who like gorgeous shiny stainless steel pots and pans to cook with and display, the All-Clad Stainless® line is for you.  The hand polished exterior layer of 18/0 magnetic stainless steel (see definition of18/0 at the end of this article) is also compatible with induction cook tops which use magnetic friction to deliver heat directly to the pot on the surface - Induction cook tops are becoming more and more popular with home cooks.  A particular brand of induction cook top that I can personally recommend is made by Electrolux - go to for more details on their induction cook tops. 

The Stainless® line's tri-ply construction has a pure aluminum core  bonded to the interior and exterior stainless steel layers which guarantees outstanding cooking performance and even heat distribution.  The All-Clad Stainless® exterior cookware is the only style that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and cleans especially well in the newer models of dishwashers that have a "pots and pans cycle.  Note, the non-stick collection of certain styles of All-Clad cookware must  be hand washed  even if the exterior layer is 18/10 or 18/0 stainless steel so as not to deteriorate the non-stick surface.

As on all styles of All-Clad cookware, the long polished stainless stay cool handles are secured with non-corrosive stainless steel rivets.  The 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface is "stick-resistant" - learning how to heat the pan, heat the oil and then add the food to be cooked will reduce the amount of food sticking to the stainless steel interior.  I use my stainless steel interior fry pans to cook eggs without sticking!  Any questions - please email me at

All-Clad's innovative clad technology is now available in larger size cookware.  Here are a few new  Stainless® Steel items to add to your collection:

Round Bottom Wok:  The ideal shape for authentic stir fry cooking - this 8 quart capacity wok with a round bottom comes with a stainless steel fire ring to hold the wok on your stovetop allowing for high or low temperature stir frying. Also comes with a half-circle grill rack used to hold cooked fried food items so they can drain while more pieces are being fried. Retail: $200
7-quart Dutch Oven:   This is the pan you'll want  for braising lamb or veal shanks a brisket pot roast  or Boeuf Bourguignonne for Fall dinner party entertaining.  The domed lid sits tightly on the pot and captures the steam created by the stewing or braising process - just be careful when removing the lid to stir or to add ingredients that the accumulated moisture doesn't drip back into your dish and make it watery!   Retail: $300
17-inch Open Oval  Roaster Another example of a larger pan with All-Clad's innovative technology is this gorgeous roaster which is stunning enough to bring to the table especially when roasting a whole red snapper or a frenched rack of pork or lamb roast (Just be sure to put something heat resistant underneath the roaster pan before you place it on your dining table!)  Entertaining family and friends with a delicious roast cooked and served from the Oval Roaster will please the cook and impress guests.
Retail $300
Non Stick 10-inch Crepe Pan:  Not one of the larger All-Clad pieces, but I just had to show you this beautiful pan. The shiny magnetic 18/0 stainless exterior plus the heavy-gauge, bonded tri-ply construction, long stay-cool handle and superior non stick interior cooking surface all add up to the essential tool for the home cook to make crepes with professional results.  Retail: $100


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All-Clad  MC²


As previously mentioned, the brushed aluminum exterior collection is the original MASTER CHEF cookware line -  MC² is an updated version with the handles now in a shiny stainless stay-cool style.  Great heat conductivity is created by the core layer of pure aluminum and  because the exterior layer is brushed aluminum that makes for even more efficient heat conductivity.  Polished stainless steel lids clean well in the dishwasher, but the brushed aluminum exterior pans need to be hand washed or you risk degrading the beauty of the exterior brushed aluminum surface.

Be sure everyone in your household knows NOT to place All-Clad pots and pans with the Brushed Aluminum exterior or any brushed aluminum exterior cookware with a non-stick interior  in the dishwasher!!


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All-Clad LTD

There are those who absolutely love the look of a hard anodized aluminum exterior which is a very dark but not quite black finish created by the anodizing process applied to the exterior aluminum layer.  But whether you prefer the dark look of anodized aluminum or the shiny polished stainless steel exteriors of  All-Clad cookware, you're still getting the best quality cookware available.

In the LTD pans, a pure aluminum core is bonded to the interior stainless cooking surface and the exterior anodized aluminum layers. And because the  aluminum core extends up the sides which promotes heat conductivity and distribution to the entire pan you won't have "hot spots" or uneven heating of the pan's cooking surface.  As on other styles, the LTD has long polished stainless stay-cool handles with an opening at the tip for hanging and the handles are riveted to the pans with stainless rivets keeping them securely attached. Hand washing only is recommended for All-Clad LTD. (see Ann's Cleaning Tips above)  Dishwasher/detergent use will turn the beautifully anodized aluminum exterior into an ugly mess of white streaks and discoloration and there goes the look of your beautiful LTD cookware!  It will still perform well, but won't be aesthetically pleasing to look at! 

Be sure everyone in your household knows NOT to place All-Clad cookware with the LTD exterior or any LTD exterior cookware with a non-stick interior in the dishwasher!!

LTD 6 qt. Deep Sauté Pot with Lid:   The straight sides/flat bottom interior on this style of a deep sauté pot makes browning larger cuts of meat for stews (lamb shanks and short ribs) easier than in a rounded bottom pan such as the Stainless 7qt. Dutch Oven - but don't mistake my observation as I have both styles and find that I can fit larger cuts of meat into a straight-sided flat bottom pan more easily and brown all of the meat at one time.  With a round bottom pan, you will have to brown certain meat cuts in batches.  But, either way, flat or round bottom, if it's an All-Clad pan, that's all that matters!  This deep sauté pot has a helper handle on the side of the pan opposite the handle which makes lifting a full pot of stew off of the stove top and into the oven  much easier for the home cook  Retail: $160

LTD Breakfast All Day Set:  The ideal "hostess gift" to bring when you're invited to spend a ski weekend at someone's house in the mountains or as a house-warming gift for friends and relatives who are new house or apartment owners!  The Grande Griddle, All-Clad logo red oven mitts, pancake mix and maple syrup make the perfect combination of items for creating a delicious breakfast for your host/hostess.  The griddle fits over two burners and is constructed of anodized aluminum with an interior non-stick surface for ease in cooking and clean up. If frying bacon is on the menu, the perimeter of the Grande Griddle has a well that catches the drippings and easily pours them off. Note, bacon not included!  For my favorite applewood smoked bacon, go to


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All-Clad Cop-R-Chef

For the home cook or professional who doesn't mind the upkeep required by the copper exterior layer to keep it shiny, this is the ultimate classy look for that magazine-perfect kitchen you've just installed in your new 5,000 square foot house.....okay, so that's my day dream ... you can make up your own!   Yes, copper needs to be cleaned with a copper cleaner or Barkeepers Friend every time it is used - although I have friends who are professional cooks who like the dark and greenish patina that copper takes on when it comes in contact with heat and they never polish their copper pots - I guess I have a thing for shiny pots!! 

The exquisite copper exterior offers the best heat conductivity of all metals so don't leave the stove when heating oil for a sauté or else you'll be dashing to turn off the smoke alarm.....the pure aluminum core which covers the bottom of the pan and extends up the sides, adds even more heat conductivity to the pan as well as outstandingly even heat distribution.

The Stainless steel surface never changes or wears out like other copper cookware where the interior is made of tin.  A tin coating wears out overtime exposing the copper layer underneath which is something you don't want to cook your food on as copper exposed to acidic ingredients, like tomatoes, vinegar, lemon juice or wine, can impart an unpleasant flavor and color to food.  A stainless steel cooking surface is by far the best.  And All-Clad's long, polished stainless stay-cool handles which are secured with sturdy, non-corrosive rivets are a key feature on all their cookware.

Beautiful copper lids that fit perfectly with the pan's edges seal in the flavor of your foods. Hand washing and using a copper cleanser and non-abrasive sponge is recommended when cleaning your All-Clad Cop-R-Chef pots and lids because dishwasher use will cause the exterior beauty of your pan to deteriorate.

Be sure everyone in your household knows NOT to place All-Clad cookware with the copper exterior in the dishwasher!!


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All-Clad Copper Core

My first piece of All-Clad's Copper Core was a 3 qt. Sauté pan with a lid made of a copper top bonded to a stainless underside.   Copper Core was first introduced in 1999 and Williams Sonoma stores had the exclusive rights initially of selling the Copper Core - the pan I have is imprinted on the bottom with "All-Clad Copper Core - Made Exclusively for Williams Sonoma  - 3 quart".   No longer an "exclusive" at Williams-Sonoma stores this line is also available at other high-end retail outlets and of course at on-line retailers.

I was performing cooking demonstrations at Williams Sonoma stores in New York City to help promote the introduction of this new line.  After its debut, the pan's subsequent popularity with home cooks and professionals was due to the unique construction that utilized a high performance copper core layer throughout the entire pan that was surrounded by layers of aluminum on both sides of the copper layer and the practicality of a stainless steel interior cooking surface plus an exterior stainless layer that had an exposed band of copper showing near the bottom outer edge to add a touch of elegance. This band of copper does need to be cleaned with a copper cleaner but it's not as big a cleaning job as the all copper pots & pans!  By now you should be familiar with the long, stainless, stay-cool handles secured to the pan with non-corrosive rivets!

The currently designed, beautifully polished all stainless lids fit tightly with the pan's curved edge which makes  pouring easier.  Hand washing is recommended when cleaning your All-Clad Copper-Core, however the lids may be cleaned in the dishwasher.

5.5 qt. Copper Core Dutch Oven - my second piece of this beautiful line of cookware was a gift that I used for the first time in August of 2006 to prepare a classic Moroccan dish -  Chicken with Olives and Preserved Lemon.  I always have on hand a jar of home made preserved lemons just in case I have a "Moroccan food" urge that required preserved lemons which take at least 2 weeks to cure....but I digress....

 Using this pan was an extraordinary culinary experience for me even though I've been cooking with All-Clad (and to be honest with some other cookware as well) for years,  but using the 5.5 qt. Copper Core Dutch Oven just made me even more aware of how well made the cookware from All-Clad is and I can't wait to try it again very soon as the cooler weather approaches the northeastern United States.   It's the ideal size for 2, 4 or even 6 servings of most any stew or braised recipe you have. The slightly domed lid fits tightly on the curved lip of the pot.  If fact, when I lifted the cover to add the preserved lemon and olives to the dish, there was so much water in the lid from all the steam that had been trapped by the tight fitting lid I had to be careful not to let that water drip into the juices and dilute them!  Can it be that Copper Core is now my new favorite All-Clad cookware?  It just might be so! Retail: $365

7 qt. Pasta Pentola pot - same construction as described previously for Copper Core - the strainer insert is made of heavy stainless steel and is perfect for draining pasta or corn on the cob - without the strainer the pot is ideal for making chili or stew or pasta sauce - and  it's perfect for making homemade chicken, vegetable or beef stock. In case you were curious about the word "pentola” translates as “pressure cooker” but over time, the word has become the Italian generic name for a pasta pot.  Retail: $500

14-inch Open Stir Fry:  This pan will give you excellent results when stir frying your favorite Chinese or other Asian recipe that requires a wok with deep sloping sides. The pan's long stay-cool handle is designed for easy handling and the loop handle on the opposite side helps when lifting the pan from the stove top.  Retail: $300

7 qt. Stock Pot:   Aptly named....this stock pot is perfect for making stock!  It's also ideal for simmering soups and stews, chili and so much more!  The five-ply construction with the heat conducting properties of the copper core that is surrounded by layers of aluminum helps this stock pot to heat up quickly. The 18/10 stainless steel interior and exterior layers are as easy to clean as they are beautiful to look at! I just love the look of the band of copper showing on the exterior of the pans.  As with all Copper Core cookware, hand washing is the rule.  Retail:  $385

Have you ever wondered what the terms 18/10 stainless steel and 18/0 magnetic stainless steel mean????

A metallurgist in Sheffield, England by the name of Harry Brearley, invented stainless steel in 1914 and it has proven ideal for spoons and forks as well as knife-blades and cookware. The term "18/10" comes from the two main elements that are added to iron to make it stainless steel and these are 18% chrome and 10% nickel.  There are also a number of trace elements including manganese, carbon and silicone in 18/10 stainless steel.

The 18/0 stainless steel is made up of 18% chrome and 0% nickel which results in making the stainless steel magnetic.  




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