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Stress Free Cooking by Barbara Seelig BrownStress Free Cooking

ISBN: 0-9719776-0-7
166 pages, soft cover; $19.95

By Barbara Seelig Brown 

I was so thrilled for my friend and colleague, Barbara Seelig Brown when she told me that she was writing a cook book.  I'm even more thrilled and happy for her to finally hold a copy of it in my hands as it has just been released!

Barbara is the ultimate professional culinary educator and teaches her classes in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut at various cooking schools such as the KingsStudios in New Jersey. She not only delivers her message of cooking healthy foods that actually taste delicious to her students but she also writes a newspaper column entitled "Healthy Lifestyles" that appears in The Recorder Newspapers in New Jersey.  So the idea of writing a cook book was always on her list of "things to do".  It was finding the time to write it! Barbara has delivered a cook book for the novice and experienced home cook that is a tribute to the top notch approach to everything she does.

Barbara's "secret" to cooking heart-healthy meals that taste great and are easy and enjoyable to prepare is based on the fact that she first teaches you the importance of  keeping a well-stocked pantry so that you can cook up no-hassle meals from her cook book at any time.  Barbara makes it easy for you by actually giving you a grocery list of pantry items that you should have on hand so there's no excuse for not being able to make any of the delicious recipes in the book!

  • Published by Good Taste Press

AICR Health Talk  From the AICR Test Kitchen  Cookbooks  Artist/Chef