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ANN HALL EVERY, Certified Culinary Professional

Ann is a graduate of The Master Class in Cooking at The New School in New York City. She graduated from this hands-on culinary school with her passion for food and cooking and her culinary skills greatly enhanced.

Culinary skills combined with her food writing experiences, were a natural mix for creating a website at The name of the web site is derived from Annís experiences while living and working as a Culinary Product Specialist in Honolulu for eight years. Cook With Aloha - is a reminder to always cook with love.

Ann recently returned to live in Honolulu in March 2012 and has once again become immersed in the Spirit of Aloha through its people and multi-cultural cuisines. The culinary scene in Hawai'i has increased in so many ways over the years; from dozens of farmers' markets on O'ahu and Neighbor Islands as well now selling locally grown produce to the influx of top chefs opening new and exciting restaurants.  Taking a "food crawl" through Honolulu's Chinatown and some "hole-in-the-wall" places in and around Honolulu that Ann has discovered, all serving ono (delicious in Hawaiian) foods makes Hawai'i a definite food oriented destination.

Ann has taught the culinary arts as a Chef/Instructor for the Culinary Workshop program at a major supermarket in the NY region as well as a Culinary Advisor at a cooking school in NYC specializing in team cooking events for corporate as well as individual clients.  Ann also provides her skills and expertise to projects such as Satellite Media Tours and filming of food related Public Service announcements.  In addition, Ann has worked at food styling for TV personalitiesí food segments.

Ann Hall Every, CCP has been a professional member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals since 1992. The title of Certified Culinary Professional was earned by Every in 1998 through the IACP Certification examination program. She has volunteered her time and expertise as a Judge for the Cook Book Awards Committee of IACP for several years.