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I don't think there is anyone on this Planet that hasn't heard of Lodge cast iron cookware.  The oldest family-owned cookware foundry in the USA, founded by Joseph Lodge in 1896. You might even have a piece of Lodge at the back of a kitchen cabinet that you forgot you even had!  Or you are a cast iron skillet fan like me, and you have at least one well-seasoned 12-inch skillet for cooking fried chicken. For my taste, it's just not fried chicken unless it's cooked in a Lodge cast iron skillet. I'm lucky enough to also have the other styles of cast iron cookware shown in the photos below and to share with you some of the foods I love to cook in this classic cookware.

What started out as basic cast iron cookware has evolved into the styles of cast iron shown below in the photos.  The original Lodge Logic cookware continues to be a big seller, and at $33.95 for a 12-inch diameter skillet there is no arguing the value!

By now you may have heard that Lodge pans are pre-seasoned at the factory; that fact plus the affordability of Lodge cookware makes it the best deal on the market.

Here is the Lodge Signature Series shown below - 10-inch and 12-inch skillets; 12-inch grill pan;  12-inch casserole with cover; All are seasoned cast iron with shiny stainless steel handles which stay cool to the touch while on the stovetop.  The pans are absolutely beautiful to look at - and of course to cook with! I fried breaded veal cutlets which I turned into Veal Parmigiana.  Note that one cutlet has a darker crust...I cooked that one on it's own at first to see how well the browning process worked. 

Lodge Signature Series Skillets

SS10S Signature Series Skillet, 10" dia, depth 2-1/4"   SS12S Signature Series Skillet, 12"dia.,2-1/2"depth


Lodge Signature Series Grill Pan 

One of the best aspects of cast iron cookware is that you can get it hot without worrying that you'll damage the cookware - so when stovetop grilling, as I did with the vegetables in the photo here, the pan was nice and hot before I added the vegetables that had been marinating in olive oil and dry herbs.

Here are chicken saté grilling in the Lodge Signature series grill pan SS12GR   Signature Series Grill Pan,12" dia, depth 2-1/2"  

SS12GR   Signature Series Grill Pan,
12" dia, depth 2-1/2"  

Lodge Signature Series Casserole Dish  

SS12CS   Signature Series Casserole Dish, with cover
2-1/2 qt., 12" dia., 2-1/2" depth.    

This 12-inch diameter casserole with cover was the perfect vessel for browning short ribs and then cooking them in red wine and fresh herbs shown in photos below.  Sorry about the white flash in the picture!

Short ribs browning, prior to braising.

I don't have the 7-quart 12-inch diameter size Dutch oven shown below, but this would be the ideal vessel to use when making classic French dishes such as Cassoulet, Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq au Vin - I think you get the idea.

Lodge Signature Series Dutch Ovens   

SS12D Seasoned, ready to use cast iron with stainless steel handles 7qt.,12"dia.,4"depth

SS10D Seasoned, ready to use cast iron with stainless steel handles


Lodge Color Porcelain Enamel on Cast Iron

This is one of my many favorites from Lodge - it's from their Lodge Color Porcelain Enamel on Cast Iron cookware. The pan shown below is a 10.25-inch square Grill Pan which I used here to grill bison burgers and trout fillets. Perfectly and evenly cooked. 

Here is the 3qt. Covered Casserole - in my favorite Lodge Color called "Caribbean". Lodge Color Porcelain Enamel on Cast Iron is available in four gradated colors, Caribbean, Island Spice, Emerald, and Café.  

These are pork chops browning in olive oil; and then with a mixture of onion, garlic, tomato, chopped prosciutto.

The other pieces in the Lodge Color series also include a 6 qt. Dutch Oven; 11-inch skillet; 17X10-inch Roaster and a square Panini press that fits onto the square grill shown above.

LODGE items are available nationwide at a variety of retailer merchants.  They also have their own Lodge Factory Outlet stores in South Pittsburg, TN; Kodak, TN; Commerce, GA; and Myrtle Beach SC.

You can see the entire Lodge cast iron line at  You are also encouraged to call Lodge Customer Service at 423-837-7181 for local dealers near you.

If you are buying Lodge cast iron cookware for the first time, even though you don't have to "season" the pans anymore, you do need to pay attention to the "use and care" information brochures that come with the cookware. 




Kitchenware  Food Products