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Kuhn Rikon is a name that is highly recognizable by most American home cooks and even more so by home cooks in Europe. They have been manufacturing all manner of kitchenware for over 80 years - from quality pressure cookware, cooks' tools, specialty cookware and more.

The most current kitchen tool to come from this innovative Swiss company is the

Melon Knife
Item #26120
$24.95 (suggested retail price)
11-inch serrated length (28 cm)
High Quality Japanese Carbon Steel - nonstick coating
Safety sheath for storage and transport to picnics

When I first viewed the demo video, my usual skeptical New Yorker attitude was thinking "wow, IF the melon knife works as well as the video shows cutting through a watermelon, I want one of these!

I have now been using the Melon Knife for a few weeks with such great success and I can't imagine cutting any melon without using this excellent tool.  I am now a true believer in the Melon Knife from Kuhn Rikon!  This is the best knife to use when cutting melons of any kind;  I've cut watermelons, cantaloupes, and other thick skinned melons .... all with ease and no hassle of having a regular chef's knife blade stuck in the watermelon while trying to cut through the thick skin!

Available online at Kuhn Rikon as well as online at Williams Sonoma whose stores were selling this item earlier this year but the Melon Knife is considered a "seasonal" item according to the staff I checked with at a few of their stores in the NYC area -- and so the NYC stores do not have the Melon Knife in stock, but it is available online. 

Just a thought....depending on what part of the USA or what other country you live in, melons are available all year round in some areas and not just in the summer months in the northern hemisphere! Just my opinion...but Kuhn Rikon's Melon Knife should not be considered a "seasonal item" by retailers!

Check out this incredible video!

Kuhn Rikon Melon Knife Video




Kitchenware  Food Products