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King Arthur Flour

100% employee-owned ... 100% committed to quality!

America's oldest flour company, King Arthur Flour was founded in 1790 in Boston and moved to Norwich, Vermont. These high quality flours have been available in supermarkets nationwide for several years but if your local supermarket or specialty food store doesn't sell King Arthur flours and mixes, you are being deprived of buying and baking with a very superior flour .... King Arthur flours and baking mixes contain absolutely No chemical additives, No bleach, and No bromates and produce the most exquisite baked goods.

The only "hidden ingredient" in King Arthur Flour is their absolute commitment to purity. If you can't convince your supermarket to carry King Arthur Flour products do not can easily order flours and lots of other baking products and ingredients online at or through their sister company The Baker's Catalogue® You can obtain a copy by calling 1.800.827.6836. 

King Arthur Cookie MixesI've been testing (and yes, eating) three new King Arthur Flour mixes; French Kiss, Mudslide and Pure Bliss Fudge Brownie.  What makes these mixes so special is the exclusive partnership King Arthur Flour has made in 2006 with a world-wide favorite chocolatier and pastry chef - Jacques Torres ChocolateJacques Torres.  The mixes were developed and tested by the bakers at King Arthur Flour and are the original recipes that were only previously available at Jacques Torres Chocolate locations in New York City.  "I'm excited about these products and honored to be sharing my passions on a much grander scale. I've long respected King Arthur Flour, their commitment to quality and excellence, and am thrilled to be working with them on this endeavor," says Jacques Torres.

  King Arthur Cookies #1  
King Arthur Cookies #2 King Arthur Cookies #3 King Arthur Cookies #4
King Arthur Cookies #5 King Arthur Cookies #6 King Arthur Cookies #7

Knowing the quality standards of both King Arthur Flour and Jacques Torres' chocolate I opened the French Kiss package knowing full well that this cookie was going to be delicious.  When I saw the bag of large disks of Belgian chocolate I was even more convinced!  I wanted to keep the level of excellence going so I made a point of using an organic egg and a good quality unsalted butter. Those are the only two ingredients that you need to add to this mix. 

As shown in the photos above, I used the flat paddle of my stand mixer to cream the softened butter, added the dry mix and the egg combining them and then mixed in the chocolate disks.  Using a standard size ice cream scoop I placed 6 scoops on each of two parchment lined large sheet pans - as you can see the French Kiss cookies spread when baking - let them cool slightly on the parchment paper and then transfer the cookies to a cooling rack.

The result was a cookie that tasted like no other - even those that I've made from scratch. Actually, there is no comparison to any other cookie mix or from scratch recipe. Once you've had a King Arthur Flour/Jacques Torres French Kiss, you'll not want any other....cookie that is!

The Mudslide cookies are also a chocoholic's best friend, rich and moist and as for the Pure Bliss Fudge Brownie - well, let's just say that it is simply Pure Bliss!!

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