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Ann's Italy Food Journal - Part Two

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As we drove into the street where they live, we found Papa sitting on the porch of a neighbor's house a few doors away so we stopped and were introduced to him and his neighbor. We came to know that Papa tends to his neighbor's back garden every year planting vegetables of all kinds, including tomatoes of course.


His neighbor is a widow and no one was caring for her back garden so Papa volunteered himself to plant and harvest and keep his neighbor's pantry filled with the gardens' bounty.  Of course he shares the bounty of the garden with Eraldo and Sonia too!  These photos are but a glimpse of what the gardens must look like in the height of growing season.  The tomatoes hang- drying make a lovely still-life scene ... truly sun-dried.

We moved on to their home and Sonia began preparing the pasta starter for our luncheon - she had made the sauce earlier in the day and was now preparing a baked ziti dish, a mixed salad and yes, the rotisserie chickens she had bought. 

One taste and I knew that these were chickens not of the mass produced/raised variety that are prevalent in the US (I try to buy organic rotisserie chickens whenever possible)   Here we are at tavolo ala mangiere - I'm taking the photo. Grazie per l'invito.... stato eccellente!!!

The following day after more sightseeing of the area, we went to dinner at a large very simple looking restaurant...and as is always the best aspect of Italian food, the dishes we had were typical of the Abruzzo region....we sat at long tables, meant to be shared with others as I observed the entire restaurant layout. 


The meal began with antipasti....olives, sausages, bread, and followed with "white pizzas" red sauces as you can see, and the final dish was local lamb threaded on wooden skewers and grilled over a charcoal fire.  I can taste the lamb even as I write this journal many months after our travels.

Our last weekend in Italy spent with friends was one of the highlights of our first trip to this beautiful country...and we are primed to return and eat

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