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All-Clad Forever...

I've cooked with my original collection of All-Clad cookware (see photos 1 through 4) since May 1996.   As I intend to keep cooking for my family as well as testing/developing recipes for my business clients, a sobering thought occurs to me...that my cookware will out-live me!

Since 1996, I've acquired many additional pieces of All-Clad, but the cookware in the four photos below are the original collection I acquired in 1996.

"Your cookware looks like new!!"....was the comment of several culinary colleagues when I showed them the photos! As a culinary professional I cook every day - whether for my own enjoyment or for my business. 

Credit for my twenty-one year-old All-Clad cookware looking new, goes to my husband, Terry, who "does the washing up" as the British say. With Barkeepers Friend and Bon Ami in hand, along with a sponge, Terry has kept my All-Clad cookware clean and shiny-new.  The lids go in the dishwasher which cleans them beautifully, but occasionally he will hand wash the lids as well.   The Stainless exterior style of All-Clad is "dishwasher safe" but according to Terry, nothing cleans the pots and pans as well as hand-washing.

If you've ever burned on food in a fry pan or saucepan and couldn't get it clean again, you'll appreciate my All-Clad experience. On occasion, when I've been distracted, or just forgot to set a kitchen timer, even I, an experienced professional cook, have gone running into the kitchen to pull a pan off the stove top (thank goodness for the stay-cool long handles on All-Clad) with smoke fumes setting off the alarms, frantically opening windows....and then looking into the black mass of burnt wine and sugar which I had been reducing to a syrup. I wish I had taken a photo of the pan and how the wine syrup had blackened it to show you.

I was positive that I had ruined the 2-qt. LTD sauce pan that you can see in the photos with the dark anodized aluminum exterior.  Terry said he would see what he could do to clean it.  After the saucepan had cooled, he soaked it in hot water and dish soap for a while, and then did his magic with Barkeepers Friend and the black burned mass was removed! The interior stainless steel cooking surface was returned to it's original luster as you can see in Photo 2.

Credit for how well my All-Clad cookware performs, most definitely goes to the craftsmen All-Clad Metalcrafters who manufacture it.

with lids

Top Row left to right: 4 qt. stockpot; 3 qt. saucepan; 8 qt. stockpot

Bottom Row left to right:  LTD 2 qt. saucepan; 1 qt. saucepan; 3 qt. Saucier



without lids

with lids

Top Row left to right: 12" fry pan; 4 qt. Brasier; large Roasting Pan

Bottom Row left to right: 6qt. Sauté; 3 qt. Sauté




without lids

The photo below is from a retail store who has this particular set of All-Clad Stainless for sale. Aside from the lighting of the photographs, you can see that there isn't that much difference between the look of a brand-new All-Clad Stainless piece of cookware and any piece of my fourteen year-old cookware!









Kitchenware  Food Products