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MAY 2015 


My Favorite This Month and Every Month!

The growing seasons in Hawai'i may seem year-round, but we do have at least two seasons (summer and winter) just not with as specific and drastic temperature differences as the summer and winter seasons that I grew up with in New York City.  

This is some of the bounty from Hawai'i farmers available year-round.  The papaya are from one of the many farmers' markets operating now all over O'ahu and the Neighbor Islands. There is still a relatively small yield of Hawaiian grown pineapple, the featured one here is grown on Maui. The lime, well, it was free....from my good friends' yard.


We favor these Maui Gold which are so sweet and juicy, my mouth waters at the thought of eating it! 

In case you were wondering, the answer is NO...adding pineapple as an ingredient to a recipe, does not make it a Hawaiian dish!







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